2015 Philadelphia Eagles,

2015 promises to bring hope or doom to the Eagles. As you know we’re in need of a quarterback. Do we mortgage the future on Qb Marcus Mariota, that Chip Kelly recruited, and give him everything he needs to succeed? Or do we play it safe, build the defense, and keep Nick Foles?

Stanford v Oregon

My only thought is to go for it all. We have to build anyway and the Qb is the most important position. Chip will no longer have an excuse to run his offense style his way. How much are they willing to lose is yet to be seen. All I know is that Eagles fans want to win a Superbowl, and I think I can speak for them. We want a Superbowl at any cost and we’re no closer to having a team that can compete.


The 2015 NFL draft is near and I’m hoping Chip knows what he’s doing. For now we can only pray the right moves are made. One thing is for certain, Eagles fans better be happy or we’ll let you know what we think without a problem. 

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